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      The Social Science Data Archive was established at the Institute for Social Science Research to provide access to quantitative, machine-readable data sets as they are collected in sample surveys and in enumerations of population groups.  The University of Alabama is a member of the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), which maintains an archive of major data sets on magnetic tape, CD-ROM, and PC diskette.  Catalogs of the Archive holdings are available at the Institute and codebooks or files of data can be ordered.  The ISSR Archive also contains all of the Capstone Poll data sets available for public use, which are provided free of charge upon request.  Through our ICPSR membership, the ISSR is a contact point for gaining access to many major social and behavioral science data sets, such as national surveys, census data, studies in education, and studies in criminal justice.

       Order forms for ICPSR data sets are available in the consulting laboratory of the ISSR or can be submitted from here.  Special requests, informational needs and data management consultation are also available in the laboratory in Room 319, ten Hoor Hall.  For more information on the data sets archived by the ICPSR, consult the following link Keyword searches for holdings and data set abstracts can be found on-line at this website.   Corresponding ICPSR study numbers are found on-line at this site and are necessary for the processing of requests for data.  For information on other data sets available through the ISSR, contact the archivist for the laboratory.

       For more information about the Archive and how to use it, please contact Tom Stem.