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       The Capstone Poll provides a variety of services, ranging from consulting on specific aspects of survey research to conducting a survey.  Services include sampling design, questionnaire construction, interviewing, data analysis, and presentation of results in a formal written report.  Data is collected through mail interviews, telephone interviews and in-person interviews, including focus groups. Technical reports are tailored to meet the needs of the project and sponsor.

       The telephone interviewing facility is equipped with a computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) system, allowing for a high degree of accuracy and rapid turn-around for data analysis.  Data is collected by an experienced group of telephone interviewers.  In addition, interviewers undergo special training for each survey.

       The Capstone Poll undertakes studies on a wide variety of topics including political attitudes and participation, government services, health care, corporate decisions, aging, crime and victimization, and attitudes about state and local government units.  Most work of the Poll is performed on a contractual basis for government, non-profit organizations, private companies, the media, and faculty and administrators affiliated with the University of Alabama.  Several times a year, the Poll conducts a statewide omnibus survey to which faculty may submit items for unfunded research at no cost.

The Capstone Poll has the following priorities in selecting and scheduling projects:

    Externally-funded faculty research

    Externally-funded research for state and local agencies

    Unfunded faculty research (e.g., Omnibus Survey) and public interest surveys (e.g., election polls)

    Funded research for non-profit groups

    Funded surveys for private, for-profit companies (i.e., market research).

       The Capstone Poll does not conduct election campaign surveys for political parties or for candidates for public office, their campaign committees, representatives or agents.

       Data from the Omnibus Surveys are periodically submitted for inclusion in the annual edition of American Public Opinion Index; and the Poll is a member of the National Network of State Polls (NNSP) which archives our Omnibus Surveys. NNSP can be reached at

       The facilities of the Capstone Poll are also available for use in conducting computer-based experiments and simulations. The 20 semi-private booths are linked by a system of networked computers utilizing software designed for computer-aided data collection from individual subjects.

       The Capstone Poll is located in 347 ten Hoor Hall. For more information about the Capstone Poll and its services, please write or call Michael Conaway.