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       The Experimental Social Research Laboratory (ESRL) is a large room with 20 microcomputers in semi-private booths linked together in a local area network.  These microcomputer stations are available for social or behavioral science research by appointment.  A study programmed to be run on a microcomputer may be run in parallel with several respondents (subjects) simultaneously, allowing more rapid accumulation of cases.  Additionally, the network is equipped with a computer-aided telephone interviewing (CATI) system that can be employed for on-site interviewing.   Thus, a questionnaire can be administered to people typing their answers at a computer console, thereby making use of the CATI system's response validation and data recording services.  These services can greatly ease the researcher's preparatory work and help ensure data quality.

       The staff in ISSR will be glad to share their experiences and demonstrate the use of the Experimental Social Research Laboratory.  We invite interested researchers, including graduate students, to consult with the ISSR staff about using the ESRL.