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       The best way to begin making use of the facilities and services of the Institute for Social Science Research is to call 348-6233 or visit 336 ten Hoor Hall to schedule an appointment. That way adequate time can be set aside to explore needs and decide how the Institute can best respond. Of course, staff members also welcome calls and visits (see the Directory below), but there is also some likelihood that any individual may be engaged and therefore request that an appointment be made.

        Dr. John Bolland, Director of ISSR and Senior Research Social Scientist (348-3821, 335 ten Hoor).   Political scientist interested in urban affairs, community health services, and formal methods of analysis, such as social network analysis.

        Dr. Joan Barth,  Research Social Scientist (348-2851, 323 ten Hoor).  Developmental social psychologist interested in development of social behavior, recognition of social cues, and neurological development in young children.

        Dr. Debra McCallum,  Research Social Scientist and Director of the Capstone Poll (348-3820, 356 ten Hoor).  Social psychologist interested in social influence, social-psychological aspects of health behavior, and evaluation research.  Responsible for projects conducted by the Capstone Poll.

        Mr. Tom Stem, Director of the Research and Consulting Laboratory (348-3824, 327 ten Hoor).   Responsible for maintenance of ISSR computer hardware and software; consultant on all applications (microcomputer and mainframe), data analysis and mainframe techniques (file construction, file transfer, tape usage, etc.); and first contact with the University and the broader community regarding consultation matters.

        Mr. Michael Conaway, Project Coordinator for the Capstone Poll (348-9649, 329 ten Hoor).  Responsible for development and management of Capstone Poll projects.  Provides consultation regarding development of survey instruments.  Responsible for recruitment and training of interviewers.

        Ms. Kimberly Perry,  Capstone Poll Research Assistant (348-3825, 347 ten Hoor). Research support and supervisor for Capstone Poll interviewers.

        Mr. Hsien-cheng Chang,  Archivist (348-3823, 319 ten Hoor). Contact for ICPSR data.

        Ms. Sue Freeman, Staff Assistant (348-6233, 331 ten Hoor).

        Ms. Donna Brock, Senior Word Processor (348-6233, 336 ten Hoor).