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Refers to the book "Jane Austen's Music" by Ian Gammie and  Derek McCulloch, Corda Music Publications, 1996.

GMb:nn The GM number: The number assigned to each piece of music by Gammie and McCulloch in their book "Jane Austen's Music", where b is the notebook number and nn the sequence number in that notebook.    
GM2 Refers to the companion book "Incipits From the Manuscript Sources Jane Austen's Music" by Gammie and McCulloch, Corda Music Publications, 1996.    
LV Refers to the Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music, an online music resource.    


The LV number: The identification number in the Lester S. Levy online music collection, where xxx is the Box number and mmm is the item number.

OC Refers to the book "Orpheus Caledonius" by William Thomson, published in 1733. Many facsimilie versions are available.    


The OC number: The number of a Scots Song in the "Orpheus Caledonius", where v is volume (1 or 2) and rr is the roman numeral assigned.


The University of Alabama, whose library and web resources have contributed to this project.




'no composer given' in the Gammie/McCulloch book.







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