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The purpose of this site is to facilitate the study and playing of the music in Jane Austen's music notebooks and the Austen family music notebooks held by the Jane Austen Memorial Trust.  This is [to be] a collection of links to music I found online, and music I have transcribed from other sources and put online.  Specifically, I intend this as a resource for members of the Jane Austen Society of North America (JASNA), and other Austen scholars and lovers of eigtheenth and early nineteenth century music.

This project would not be possible without the earlier Jane Austen Music project of Corda Music and the book "Jane Austen's Music" by Ian Gammie & Derek McCulloch.
Studying Austen's Music: I highly recommend the book "Jane Austen's Music" by Ian Gammie & Derek McCulloch, without which this project could not exist.  Note that this book indexes over 300 works in the various Austen family notebooks.  I have found copies/links/information on fewer than one third of those works, so there is plenty of room for further study.   
This book is available direct from Corda Music, or from Jane Austen Books.
A note on copyright:  The music discussed, shown, and linked on this site was originally published between 1733 and 1815 (approximately), and is no longer covered by original copyright.  Some versions of the music have been arranged and/or republished, and these may be covered by copyright. I have tried to respect all current copyrights; if you have reason to believe I have published, copied, or described access to something in violation of copyright, please contact me at once so this can be corrected.   Versions of music which I have myself arranged and/or republished are under copyright, owned by me.  I hereby grant permission to all members of JASNA to perform my arrangements, requesting only that you send me a note about your performance (when, what, and for whom performed).  Permission to perform does not include permission to distribute or sell copies.  Please contact me for all questions about distribution or sale of this music.   


How did the AMOnline project get started?  Read the history of AMOnline here.


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