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The purpose of this website is to provide links to and information on finding the music in the Austen music notebooks held by the Jane Austen Memorial Trust.  The music is presented alphabetically by composer.  See below for a table of links to the composer pages.  (Each composer page contains a copy of the same table.)  There is also an index of titles/first lines listed numerically by GM number (see Abbreviations page for explanation of GM number) and an alphabetic list of composers.

For much of the music listed here, a version may be found in the Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music.  Where possible, the box and item number from the Levy collection is given (the LV number).  For music for which there is a recent version published, information is given about that publication. For some music (not in the Levy collection and not published recently) other information is given on where the music may be found. For some of this music, an arrangement is (will be) included.  


For more information on the Levy Collection, see Getting Started, or visit the Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music

Some of the music in the two collections of 'Scots Songs' can be found in the 1733 publication Orpheus Caledonius, and for this music the OC number is given. Links/information is also given if an online version of the music is available.  
For more information on Orpheus Caledonius, see Getting Started
For some of the music, I include an arrangement, as a .pdf file that can be downloaded and printed.  All arrangements published on this web site are Copyright © Joyce Donley.  
For more information on music notation and arrangements, see Getting Started.
Note that only a portion of the music from the Austen notebooks is discussed/listed on this website.  For a complete list of composers and songs in the collection held by the Jane Austen Memorial Trust, see the book "Jane Austen's Music" by Gammie and MuCulloch.    For more information on "Jane Austen's Music", see Getting Started. 
Note that some of the Austen family music books are not held by the Jane Austen Memorial Trust and not currently available for study.  I will add a separate section to the music index for music I can identify in this collection.  
For more information on the private collections, see the book " The Innocent Diversion" by Patrick Piggott.
















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