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Handel, George Frideric 1685-1759    
March in Judas Maccabeus   GM1:01 LV160/074
  LV160/074 lists this as "March in Judas Maccabees" (so if you search on Maccabeus, you won't find it.) This is the second of the two marches in LV160/074.    
Water Peice   GM1:15 LV109/135
  According to GM, this piece in Austen is from "The Famous Water Peice [sic] Compos'd by Mr. Handel", a pirate edition of the Water Music.  If Handel's Water Music is already in your music library, this 'peice' is number 12.  LV109/135 is similar to that shown in GM. If Handel's music is not already in your library, you might be interested in a facsimile copy of an edition of 1743, available from OMI (see number 2046)    
Harington, Henry 1727-1816    
How sweet in the woodlands (vocal duet)   GM7:30a  LV030/033

Here is an arrangement for two sopranos (voice parts only), and here is the accompanyment.

  An arrangement (.pdf file, 76KB)
How sweet in the woodlands   GM7:30b LV030/032
  GM contains both the vocal duet version of this song (7:30a), and a version (7:30b) "for the voice and harpsichord".  LV030/032 is similar to LV030/033,  but is not written as a duet.    
Harwood, Edward 1707-1787    
The Dying Christian to his Soul | Vital spark of heav'nly flame   GM7:16 LV043/163
Haydn, Franz Joseph 1732-1809    
William   GM3:02
  According to GM, "This is an arrgt of the Allegro con brio from Piano Sonata Hob. XVI/35." The words of the song begin "Ye cliffs I from your airy steep look down with hope and fear.."  I will continue to look for a link for this one.    
Hook, James 1746-1827    
The Wedding Day   GM3:24 LV029/043
  The version in LV appears to be the same as that shown in GM2.  There are 3 copies in LV, search "what virgin" in "1st line".    
Donna Della   GM7:23 LV030/008

Here is an arrangement
(Note, in verse 3, where I put the word 'laurels', in fact I can't read the word in the original music.  I don't think it says laurels, but I had to put something.  It appears to be a word that starts with 'L' and ends with 'rest'.  If you can read the word in LV030/008, or find another copy and read that word, let me know and I will correct it in the posted music.)

  arrangement (.pdf file, 72KB)

Composers for which I have not yet found the Austen music online or easily available:
Hasse, Johann Adolph 1699-1783
Hayes, Philip 1738-1797
Howard, Samuel 1710-1782

















Last Update: 1/8/06  

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