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Paisiello, Giovanni 1740-1816    
For tenderness form'd in Life's early day (from an Air by Paisello, arranged by Mr. Linley)   GM7:52 LV038/057b
  The versions in LV are not exactly like Austen, but it is the same tune and words.  I have an arrangement of this which I will post.     
Park, Maria Hester Reynolds 1775-1822 (see Reynolds)    
6 Sonatas for Harpsichord or Piano Forte (with violin ad lib)   GM6:01
Piccinni, Nicolo 1728-1800    
Overture: La Buona Figliuola   GM6:02 LV031/161
  The LV version is very like that described in GM.  GM also lists (GM5:04) a duet arrangement of this piece, I have not yet found a duet arrangement.     
Pleyel, Ignaz 1757-1831   GM4:01/1-14
Fourteen Favorite Sonatinas for Harpsichord or Piano Forte with accompaniment for Violin.    
  I have not yet found these online, or available for purchase.  None of the libraries that have the sontatinas will lend them (all originals). I will keep looking.  I include them here because I like Pleyel and would like to find these; if you have access to any from this group of Sonatinas, please contact me.    
Six Sonatas for the Piano Forte or Harpsichord with an accompanyment for a flute or violin.   GM6:09/1-6

I have not yet found these online, but I'm still looking.  I have a copy of 6:09/2 published in 1990, but cannot find this currently available for purchase.  You may be able to borrow it from a library, look for 'Sonata in G Major Op. 16, No. 2' edited by Katherine Hoover and Stoddard Lincoln. (They also have a CD with this work.) I have read that some of the others of this group have also been recently edited/published, but I have not yet found them available.  If you have more information on these Sonatas, please contact me.

LV does have one Sonata by Pleyel, LV037/048, but I do not (yet) know if it is one of these.  I will look further.

  6:09/2 was published as 'Sonata in G Major Op. 16 No. 2' (1990, McGinnis & Marx Pub.)
Powell, Thomas 1776-1863    
My love she's but a Lassie yet   GM2:32 LV063/072i
  In GM, this a tune with 7 variations, possibly arranged by Powell.  LV063/072i gives the tune (and words by Robert Burns) as shown in GM, though not the variations.     

Composers for which I have not yet found the Austen music online or easily available:
Naumann, Johann Gottlieb 1741-1801
Phillidor, Francois Andre 1726-1795

















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