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Shield, John    
Cross Purposes   GM1:22
  I have not found a version like that in Austen.  However, you can see the tune on the AmericanRevolution.org song site  The words appear to be from a poem (anonymous) published in London Magazine in September, 1748, called The Perplex'd Lovers.   See the tune on AmericanRevolution.org,  see the words here.
Shield, William 1748-1828    
Sweet Transports, from Rosina   GM3:09 LV030/116
  In the Austen notebooks, this is titled "Sung by Mrs. Billingham".  The words begin "Sweet transports gentle wishes go in vain".  You may be able to find the score to Rosina by Shield in your music library.  I have an arrangement of this (sung in our December 04 program for AustenAL).     
From night till morn I take my glass   GM3:15 LV098/082
  The song at LV098/082 is in a different key from that in GM, but otherwise is very like that in GM, even to the description as "a favorite duet ... the accompanyment by Mr. Shield".    
The Heaving of the Lead   GM3:28 LV038/071
  The words begin "For England when with favo'ring gale our gallant ship up Channel steer'd".  There are at least two versions in LV, the version at LV038/071 is very like that described in GM.     
Spofforth, Reginal 1770-1827    
Ellen, the Richmond Primrose Girl   GM7:26 LV030/012
  The version at LV030/012 is similar to that in GM (slightly simpler arrangement), including 3 verses.     
Stamitz, Karl 1745-1801    
Air by Stamitz   GM5:11/1
  GM lists this as a duet, as arrangement of two works, "an Air by Stamitz" and "Song of Anna".  I have not found Song of Anna, however, LV does have an Air by Stamitz (thought not a duet arrangement.)  I do not know it if is the same Air, I will keep looking.    See LV112/061
Storace, Stephen 1762-1796    
Of plighted faith - a Duett   GM3:11 LV030/079
  The song/arrangement in LV in very like that in GM. A duet from The Seige of Belgrade sung by Catherine and Seraskier.    
Captivity | My foes prevail my friends are fled   GM3:29 LV031/045
  The version in LV does not have the separate (violin?) part on the top stave that GM shows, but otherwise is very like (in tune and words) that in GM.    
Duet in the Siege of Belgrade   GM7:34 LV030/123
  Another duet for The Seige of Belgrade, this one sung by Lilia and Leopold.    
A song from the Siege of Belgrade   GM7:37
  This one is sung by Leopold.  Words begin: How provoking your doubts.  I have made an arrangement of this one.   An arrangement (.pdf file, 72KB)
Song in the Siege of Belgrade   GM7:39
  This one is (words): The sapling Oak lost in the dell.  I will post an arrangement.     

Composers for which I have not yet found the Austen music online or easily available:
Sacchini, Antonio 1730-1806
Schobert, Johann 1735-1767
Steibelt, Daniel 1765-1823
Sterkel, Johann Franz Xaver 1750-1817

















Last Update: 1/31/06  

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