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Jockey. A New Song.   GM1:11

This appeared in Universal Magazine for September 1750 (also Gentleman's Magazine, same month).  UA has this on microfilm.  Here is an arrangement.  All 6 verses are included.

  Here is an arrangement .pdf (68KB)
Love never more shall give me pain   GM1:14  (OC2/II)
  This song appears again in the second set of Scots Songs (GM8:03/11).  It is in OC (OC2/II) with the same words but a different tune.  I will keep looking for this earlier one.    
Jessy or The Happy Pair   GM1:20
  This appeared in the London Magazine, July 1747, titled 'Sung by Mr. LOWE at Vaux-Hall.'  Here is an arrangement. All verses included.   Here is an arrangement .pdf (74KB)
The Soger Laddie   GM1:26
  This appeared in Universal Magazine supplement of 1750, in a version very similar to that of GM.   Here is an arrangement
Note 'soger', sometimes spelled 'sodger', is pronounced with soft 'G' and means soldier.
  Here is an arrangement .pdf (88KB)
The Marseilles March   GM3:25 LV115/002
  This is the anthem from the French Revolution, "Allons enfants de la Patrie".  There are numerous versions in LV, the one at 115/002 is most like that described in GM.    
Somebody   GM3:27 LV030/103
  LV has at least 3 versions of this, similar to GM but not quite the same.  Here is an arrangement, based somewhat on LV030/103. In LV, there are 3 verses, I only put the 1st and 3rd in the arrangement.   Here is an arrangement .pdf (67KB)
Begone Dull Care   GM 3:35 LV108/054
  This is a duet in Austen.  LV108/054 is a duet, and very similar to Austen.  I also made an arrangement for solo (low) voice that I performed in 2004 for AustenAL.  (In the arrangement, I substituted the word 'Jack' for 'Wife' in the 2nd verse, more appropriate for a woman singing.)   An arrangement for solo (low) voice, .pdf (70KB)
The Match Girl   GM 3:37 LV030/067
  The version in LV is similar to that shown in GM. Note that GM gives the first line as "Come buy of poor May good matches, I sell thro' London's fam'd city".  Words in LV are the same except 'Mary' instead of 'May'.  I think May could be a misprint.    
















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