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On ye Tay's verdant banks   GM1:16
  This song was published in London Magazine, September 1748, under the title "Moggy's Complaint of Jocky".  It is in a different (higher) key,and a slightly different arrangement than that described in GM,but is essentially the same tune. Here is an arrangement.    Click here for .pdf file (84k)

Nos Galen theme and variations


This Welsh song for New Year is now used as a Christmas tune (Deck the Halls).  Corda Music has published a version (Nos Galan CMP435) from Jane Austen's manuscript copy, available from Corda Music or Jane Austen Books. (Note the various spellings, you might find it as Nos Galen or Nos Galan.)

  If you are looking for Christmas music, contact Jane Austen Books and get this one!
Duke of York's March   GM2:23 LV029/004

There are several versions of this in LV, including one as a duet (see LV037/050). In LV, search duke of york or duke of yorks in title. Here is an arrangement, loosely based on LV029/004.
Note that LV029/054 gives the composer/arranger as R. Spofforth (see S); Austen's notebook gives no composer.

   Click here for .pdf file (60KB)

To Fair Fidele's Grassy Tomb


GM gives this work as a keyboard piece, tune with variations.  I have not found a similar arrangement, however The AmericanRevolution.org song site gives a version of the tune, so you can see what to look for. 

A version of the tune on AmericanRevolution.org

Old Robin Gray   GM2:29  LV108/038 & 167/028

GM lists this as a keyboard duet. LV108/038 (called Auld Robin Gray) is not a duet, but is similar in tune.  There are several other versions in LV: search on robin gray in title. Most have 'vocal embellishments', none is a duet.

Also look at LV167/028 an 'overture' by 'Mr. Latour' (see L) "in which is introduced the admired Air of Auld Robin Gray" (pages 7&8), a keyboard work with the Robin Gray tune and variation.  (I will post a transcription.)

My Lodging is on the cold ground   GM2:31 LV174/026a
  GM lists this as a keyboard duet.  I have not yet found a good duet arrangement.  Note that this is the same tune as "Believe me if all those endearing young charms". LV174/026a gives the tune and both sets of words (Believe me and My Lodging).
There are also three versions of this song (none a duet) on the American Sheet Music site. (Click Search keyword and search on My Lodging.)

Thy fatal shafts unerring move

  GM3:21 LV036/112
  This version in LV has "accompanyment for the Harp or Piano Forte".  Very similar to version shown in GM.    
I ha'e laid a herring in salt   GM7:02
  This and some other Scots songs are online at the Electric Scotland music site.  In particular, look in the Scots Minstrelsie volume 1, pages 96 and 97.    
Why tarries my love?   GM7:12

This appeared in Hibernian Magazine of January 1784. Hibernian is available on microfilm; I found it at UA.  Here is an arangement. Also called The Pidgeon, listed in Hibernian as "An admired Song by the Author of Robin Gray, sung by Mrs. Kennedy." (FYI, William Leeves was considered the author of the Robin Gray tune, see above)

   Click here for .pdf file (72KB)
The Prayer of the Sicilian Mariners (O Sanctissima)   GM7:32 LV030/088
  For one or two voices with keyboard. LV030/088 gives the latin words (first verse) and the English translation, and parts for one to three voices. You can find the latin words for other verses in many places online, such as here in Hymns and Carols of Christmas. There is another vocal duet version at LV108/042, but it only has the English words. I have an arrangement of this (sung for AustenAL in '04) that I may post.    
Romance du Major André   GM7:35 see LV014/078
  GM describes this as a keyboard work (no words).  LV does not have a piece exactly like this, but LV014/078 "Major André's Complaint" is similar enough that it seems likely it's devrived from the same tune (with words added.)    
I would like to find:    
  When you ask me to sing  (GM1:17)   Please let me know if you have this song, thanks.
















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