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To see/play the music from the Austen family collection,

 - The Austen Music on this site is arranged by composer. Click here to see the index to the composer pages.  There are also two pages for the Scots Songs.  
 - For each song in the collection, the GM number is given.  This is the number assigned by Gammie and McCulloch in their book "Jane Austen's Music", where you can find out more about the song and the composer.  
 - For some songs, the LV number from the Lester S. Levy Collection is also given. Use the Search page in the Levy Collection to find the song with the given box and item number.  
 - For some songs, one or more .pdf files are linked, giving an arrangement of the piece.  You should be able to download, print and play the music in the .pdf files. (Eventually there will be an index to .pdf files.) A few songs appear as .gif or .jpg instead of .pdf. I have made all the arrangements myself.     

Last Update: 1/16/06


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