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1/31 - two new songs by Storace, added arrangement of GM7:37

1/28- added arrangement of GM1:16 (ncg).  Added information on the other Austen music collections, and "The Innocent Diversion" by Piggott. 

1/18 - updates to composer sections ncg, S, W/Y

1/17 - updates to composer sections R, S, composer list.

1/16 - updates , songs and info added to composer sections ncg, A, G, H, N/P. Various other small text updates.

1/12 - updates to J/K, L, M composer sections

1/10 - added some lyrics in section anonymous

1/8/06 - added music in composer section H.

1/7/06 - updated E/F, G, added songs/info in H.

1/6/06 - added songs/info in composer sections A and B, updated C and D.

1/5/06 - added several songs/info in ncg and anon sections

1/4/06 - added list of composers, index to music (by composer), Austen Music info page.  Updated info on various pages.  Added some songs on the D, G composer pages.

1/2/06 - Updated GM index.

12/19/05 - added GM7:12 (ncg).  Added GM index.  Minor updates.

12/18/05 - Added information on Getting Started, and a Quick Guide to using the site. Worked on the best way to save/show music files.  Loaded .pdf file for The Duke of York's March (GM2:23 in the ncg section).

12/17/05 - Added composer pages with all composers listed, some links to songs in the Levy collection. See index on Composers page. Also added main menu pages (see menu at left), and site map.    

12/15/05 - added  About page, abbreviation page, new template for Composer pages.

12/8/05 - uploaded Thomas Arne as first (test) composer page.    

Last Update: 1/31/06


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