Mathematics Classroom Observation Protocol for Practices (MCOP2)

The Mathematics Classroom Observation Protocol for Practices (MCOP2) is a K-16 mathematics classroom instrument designed to measure the degree of alignment of the mathematics classroom with the various standards set out by the corresponding national organization including:

The instrument is unique in that it assesses the three underlying classroom components of each of these standards documents: student engagement, lesson design and implementation, and class culture based in discourse.

If you choose to use the instrument, please follow the recommendations outlined in the Protocol Descriptors (Complete Form). We would also appreciate if you would let us know that you are using them so that we can further the related research and share everyone's ideas and perspectives.

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Gleason, J. & Cofer, L.D. (2014). Mathematics classroom observation protocol for practices results in undergraduate mathematics classrooms. Submitted.(Paper)

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Conference on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education, February 2014, Denver, CO (Slides)

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Research Session, April 2014, New Orleans, LA