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Landmark Cases

Case Name: Timothy Floyd CLITIES
v. State of IOWA D.S.S.

Date, Location, Cite: 1982 IA
322 NW 2d 917
Iowa Court of Appeals

Plaintiff was born in '52, severely mentally retarded; in '63, was put in State Facility- from '70-'75 got neuroleptics, got tardive dyskinesia; suit filed '76, in '80 Court gave $385,000 future costs & $375,000 for pain & suffering. Appealed on notification issues & excess $. Court said polypharmacy bad, used PDR- no monitoring for 3 yrs., Rx was for staff convenience. not treatment. Action only against State; cf YOUNGBERG v. ROMEO (82) on restraints, RENNIE v. KLEIN (81) on excess medications and a Mass. case, ROGERS v. OKIN (79) on need for guardian's consent with an incompetent pt.