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Landmark Cases


Date, Location, Cite: 1993 114 S. Ct. 367, 510 U.S. 17
US Supreme Court 6th Circuit

Harris, a female, was often target of sexual insults and unwanted innuendoes. She sued, and District Court said it was a close call, but that remarks were not so severe as to seriously affect her psychological well being or lead her to suffer injury.

Supreme Ct. cited Meritor Bank v. Vinson, and said that no single factor alone determined sexual harassment. They reversed and remanded.

[JFH -This is one of those cases where I don't see how anyone reading transcripts and far removed from the events could more accurately decide the presence or absence of harassment than the District Court; this was reversed because they used the wrong LEGAL standard, but it reads as though the Supreme Court decided what constituted psychological damage in a place far far away from the events.]