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Landmark Cases

Case Name: Meghan Corinne JABLONSKI v. US

Date, Location, Cite: 1983 CA
712 Fed 2d 391
US Court of Appeals, 9th. Circuit.

Plaintiff's mom was dating Jablonski; In 1978(7/7) he tried to rape Plaintiff's Grand mom; went to VA (7/10) for outpatient TREATMENT; MD warned mom to "leave him." no prior records obtained; these would have showed "psychotic, homicidal, dangerous." On 7/12, Grand mom complained of long wait for next visit, so Dr. said he would see 7/14. On 7/12, Plaintiff & mom moved out; on 7/14, Dr. thought he was dangerous, but not committable, other Dr told mom to "stay away from Jablonski" on 7/16, Jablonski killed mom. Court. said Drs. negligent, had DUTY TO WARN even tho no spec threat, because she was foreseeable victim-EXTENDED DUTY TO WARN - cf. Tarasoff