CHS 627: Multivariate Methods in Health Statistics
SPRING, 2002

Requirements for Second Statistical Analysis Report

  • Brief description of where your data came from
  • Definitions of the variables being used.
  • Conduct an all-inclusive logistic regression analysis.
    • Use a combination of categorical and continuous predictors.
    • Discuss results, including a consideration of multicollinearity.
  • Conduct a stepwise logistic regression analysis.
    • Use the same variables as in the all-inclusive model.
    • Interpret the results at each step. 
    • Compare to the all-inclusive model.
  • Conduct a log-linear analysis.
    • Use the same outcome as in the logistic regression analysis.
    • Use two or more categorical predictors. 
    • Interpret results, including the use of graphs. 
    • Compare the results to the logistic regression results.
  • Conduct a MANOVA with two or more continuous outcomes and one categorical predictor.
    • Discuss results and assumptions. 
  • Conduct a MANOVA with the same two or more continuous outcomes and two or more categorical predictors. 
    • Discuss results and assumptions.
  • Discuss what did and what did not influence your outcome variable. 
  • Among the analyses conducted, which seem to be the most appropriate and useful?
  • A major proportion of your grade will depend on the accuracy, thoroughness, and clarity of your discussions.

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