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Dr. Jeff Lozier

Lab PI - Assistant Professor

It's starting to get less lonely here, but still come on and apply to the Department of Biological Sciences! My own work tends to focus on projects with both applied and basic components, so I encourage students who are also interested in studying interesting ecological and evolutionary aspects of topics like conservation, invasive species, or pollination. Research in the lab will deal mostly with insects like bumble bees, aphids, and parasitoids, but projects span across all sorts of animals so people interested in applying genetic tools to their organism of interest should feel free to contact me.

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Graduate Students

Jason Jackson

PhD Student

Jason will be coming to UA from our hated rivals Ole Miss, where he has been working with Brice Noonan on biogeography of islands, focusing on ants of Madagascar. Jason has broad interests, including invasive species, biogeography, and general population genetics. Jason will be working on “new generation” methods in population genomics to examine phylogeography of different color morphs in the bumble bee Bombus bifarius and to look at local adaptation in montane bees.

Undergraduate Students

Rebecca McClure

Rebecca has been in the lab working on the Nosema invasion project. She is quite an ingenious student who was instrumental in the invention of the “fluff gun” and “beeauty salon”. We lost Rebecca to the wastes of Scotland for a year, but she is back to assist with DNA isolations (pictured right feeding gulls on a failed field trip to Dauphin Island).

Alex Hale

Alex was an Emerging Scholar in the lab last semester, where he did a terrific job imaging bumble bee thoraces and wings to measure morphological patterns across mountainous landscapes. He’ll be coming back this year, and we hope he’ll start thinking about morphometrics and do some more microscopy!

Courtney Newton

Courtney is an enthusiastic student who started in the lab Fall 2013. She is working with Alex on morphological variation in bumble bees across latitudinal and altitudinal gradients.

Gabrielle Unbehaun

Gabrielle also started in the lab in Fall 2013. She is currently working to assist Jason with his Phd work, primarily with lots of DNA extractions. She has become such an integral component of the lab machinery that research progress would grind to a halt without her presence.

Past Undergrad Students

Adam Hudson

Matt Honkanen