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Dr. Jeff Lozier

Lab PI - Assistant Professor

It's starting to get less lonely here, but still come on and apply to the Department of Biological Sciences! My own work tends to focus on projects with both applied and basic components, so I encourage students who are also interested in studying interesting ecological and evolutionary aspects of topics like conservation, invasive species, or pollination. Research in the lab will deal mostly with insects like bumble bees, aphids, and parasitoids, but projects span across all sorts of animals so people interested in applying genetic tools to their organism of interest should feel free to contact me.

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Graduate Students 
Jason Jackson
PhD Student
Jason will be coming to UA from our hated rivals Ole Miss, where he has been working with Brice Noonan on biogeography of islands, focusing on ants of Madagascar. Jason has broad interests, including invasive species, biogeography, and general population genetics. Jason will be working on “new generation” methods in population genomics to examine phylogeography of different color morphs in the bumble bee Bombus bifarius and to look at local adaptation in montane bees. 

Riley Lovejoy
PhD Student
Riley is a native of Alabama, who is coming to the lab following an NSF REU project looking at the invasive kudzu bug, Megacopta cribaria. We are currently exploring some project ideas to look at novel aspects of this species’ introduction and spread using population genetics approaches

Associate Lab Members
Peter Scott (PhD student, co-Chair with Leslie Rissler)
Sarah Duncan (PhD student, co-Chair with Rissler Lab)

Undergraduate Students
Alex Hale
Courtney Newton
Evan Dittmar
Gabrielle Unbehaun
Chris Evans
Kyle Robinson

Past Undergrad Students
Adam Hudson
Matt Honkanen
Rebecca McClure