Meeting Agenda
J-Cubed Design Team
Tom Jeffries
Skip Johnson
Sue Jones

Project Meeting #2
Monday, September 20, 2000
2:00 - 3:10 PM

341 MIB

Leader: Sue Jones
Recorder: Tom Jeffries
Timekeeper: Skip Johnson

Meeting Preparation:
- Read Project Assignment, especially due dates
- Bring draft project tasks
- Research project specifications

Important Dates:
Oct. 1:
project proposal due
Nov. 1: progress report due
Dec. 5: final report due


1. Review Meeting Agenda. (5 min)

2. Present and Revise Task Lists. (35 min)

  • Present draft task lists: Each team member presents the tasks for their part of the project. Each task includes a short description, the information needed for the task, and the approximate time required to complete the task (15 min)
  • Review & revise task lists: For each task list, the other team members ask questions and suggest modifications. Iterate until consensus. (20 min)

3. Start Project Schedule. (15 min)

  • Write "specs" for schedule :
    - Team members brainstorm to suggest schedule "specifications" (5 min)
    - Volunteer team member organizes specs while others take break (5 min)
    - Other team members offer suggestions to improve specifications (5 min)
  • Delegate writing of draft schedule to team member
    - member volunteers to write draft schedule by next meeting. If no volunteer, then meeting leader selects a team member.

4. Review Issue Bin Topics. (5 min)

  • For each issue bin item, team decides whether to:
    - finish discussion at this meeting (important and uncontroversial topics),
    - place on the agenda for the next meeting (important but controversial topics), or
    - kill the topic (unimportant topic or not relevant to team goals).

5. Set up Next Meeting. (5 min)

  • Decide on agenda items, time, and leader for next meeting.

6. Review Team's Performance. (5 min)

  • Team Performance. Team members reflect on team performance since last meeting. Each member cites at least one positive aspect of team's performance over last week and at least one aspect of team performance that needs improvement.
  • Individual Performance. Each member notes serious concerns about performance of fellow teammates on anonymous form and submits to instructor.

Before the next meeting: