Busenlehner Research Group

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Biochemistry and Bioinorganic Chemistry of

Metal-Related Diseases and Conditions




Summer 2011– The lab welcomes Ali for the summer as a Howard Hughes Summer Researcher!

Spring 2011– Harry and Leslie both defended their Original Research Proposals. Congrats!

May 2011– Leslie, Harry and Mier presented their research at the Mississippi State Research Symposium. Harry won 1st place oral presentation and Mier won 1st in the poster presentations. Good job to all of you!

May 2011– The Busenlehner lab is sad to see Maggie, Kristen, and Awuri graduate, but they are on to bigger and better things! Good luck!

April 2011– Mier  and Kristen presented  a poster on MutM at the Southeast Enzyme Conference in Atlanta, GA. I hear they rocked!

April 2011– Maggie and Awuri presented their research at the UA Research Conference and did outstanding jobs! Awuri placed 4th for her talk on chemical crosslinking!



Dr. Laura Busenlehner

Department of Chemistry

The University of Alabama

3097B Shelby Hall

Tuscaloosa, AL  35487

Research in the Busenlehner group is centered on the study of proteins that are involved in metal-related diseases and conditions. This research utilizes many classical biochemical, biophysical and bioinorganic methods to study the binding of native and non-native metal ions to physiologically relevant proteins.

Amide proton hydrogen-deuterium exchange mass spectrometry is a structural tool that is used quite extensively in the Busenlehner group. Amide proton exchange is a sensitive technique primarily used to probe the functional importance of structural elements and dynamic motions in proteins. We are using the technique to localize metal-binding and protein-protein interaction sites, as well as to map any conformational changes that result.