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Historical Publications of the United States Commission on Civil Rights
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Subjects for Women's Studies African American Women
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Women’s Rights
Coverage Dates 1957 to the present
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Publisher Thurgood Marshall Law Library
URL http://www.law.umaryland.edu/marshall/usccr/index.asp
Date Searched January 2007


This archive contains historical records from the United States Commission on Civil Rights, the commission responsible for examining and resolving issues related to race, ethnicity, religion, and, more recently, sexual orientation. In conjunction with the Thurgood Marshall Law Library's strategic plan to enhance its civil rights collection in support of the School of Law's teaching and research mission, the Library has worked since 2001 to create a complete electronic record of United States Commission on Civil Rights (USCCR) publications held in the Library's collection and available on the USCCR Web site.

Women's Studies Content

Materials of interest to women's studies researchers include documents under the following defined subject areas: women, sexual orientation, affirmative action, employment, hate crimes, immigration, violence, and welfare reform. Only documents that explicitly refer to women in the title are listed under women and a secondary subject such as employment.

Browsing the indexes found documents on battered women; disadvantaged women and their children; the employment of minorities and women; the equal rights amendment; health insurance and employment opportunities for minorities and women; minorities and women as government contractors; women and girls in competitive athletics; women's rights. Some of these reports address particular regions or states as opposed to the nation as a whole.


There is no search engine. This is a browsing collection. When researched, there were 18 documents categorized under the subject "women" and one on AIDS "victims," categorized under "sexual orientation" because it deals with law enforcement's treatment of people they think might be "homosexual" during arrests. All of the documents are arranged in alphabetical order under four indexes – title, date, subject and SuDoc number. The same documents are listed in each index, but the arrangement is different.

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Archive Review:
Sherri Barnes
University of California, Santa Barbara

Last updated: January 15, 2007

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