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Nuremberg Project
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Subjects for Women's Studies Jewish Women, World War, 1939-1945
Coverage Dates 1930s-1945
Archive is Ongoing / Completed Ongoing ; Updated approximately every 6 months
Publisher Rutgers University Journal of Law and Religion
URL http://camlaw.rutgers.edu/publications/law-religion/nuremberg/nuremberg.htm
Date Searched December 2006


The Nuremberg War Crimes Trials brought 22 Nazi officials to court in 1945-1946. The Donovan Collection, housed at Cornell University Law School, is made up of nearly 150 bound volumes of transcripts and other materials from those trials. The Nuremberg Project consists of digitized versions of select documents from the Donovan Collection along with commentary by Holocaust and Nuremberg scholars.

These documents come from the personal archive of General William J. Donovan who served as special assistant to the U.S. Chief of Counsel during the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg. The International Military Tribunal was convened following the conclusion of World War II to hold accountable the principal perpetrators of the Holocaust. The Tribunal addressed four counts: conspiracy, crimes against peace, war crimes (including genocide), and crimes against humanity. In addition to selected trial transcripts, Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion solicits commentary from Holocaust and Nuremberg scholars.

Nuremberg Project documents are in PDF format. New documents are added approximately every six months.

Women's Studies Content

The Nuremburg Project has slight content for women's studies issues. However, what is found here is important to study of women in the Holocaust, and this text archive should not be overlooked for that purpose. See Pius XII and the Jews and The Kristallnacht Documents.


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