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OhioPix: Picturing Ohio's History
Selections from the Ohio Historical Society's Collection
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Publisher Ohio Historical Society


Date Searched January 2007


OhioPix, Picturing Ohio's History: Selections from the Ohio Historical Society's Collection is a database of over 5000 digital images depicting Ohio history, primarily 1940 to the present. The majority of the collection is photographic in nature, with some text documents such as letters, postcards, and pamphlets as well as physical objects

Women's Studies Content

OhioPix offers numerous images of women in relation to many subjects -- the world wars, women's work, female politicians, clothing styles from the 18th through 20th centures, and more. The focus is on Ohio history, but the resources are certainly applicable to general U.S. history.

Almost every gallery within the collection contains relevant women’s studies content with one gallery devoted to Ohio Women. Photographs of women advocating for causes range from temperance crusades in the 1870s to suffragette parades in the early 1900s to "Take Back the Night" marchs in the 1990s. Women are depicted in groups as varied as social clubs to inmates of the women's prison.

Some other mages that relate to women include paintings by female artists, a hand-drawn map depicting the escape of two inmates from the Ohio Reformatory for Women, and "Right to Work" amendment pamphlets targeted to women.


OhioPix is browsable by category (People, Places, Objects, and Events) and by gallery. Thirty-eight galleries feature specific topics or themes.

Each item in OhioPix is accompanied by a record including the following fields: title, description, creator, creation date, place, media type, subject, collection title, collection number, image number, and copyright. The Help page states that a basic search includes the title, creator, and description fields, but the simple search appears to cover the entire record in many cases.

The advanced search does NOT allow one to perform a keyword search by field. Library of Congress Subject Headings and date ranges may be browsed, selected, and added to a keyword search. To limit results by media type, try a keyword search by one of the following: photo*, print, postcard, drawing, engraving, broadside, poster, or map.

Truncation yes (*)
Boolean yes (AND, OR)
Phrase Searching no
Help Screens/Quality yes / good, but some inaccurate information
Controlled Vocabulary yes, Library of Congress Subject Headings
Keywords in Context no

Archive Review:
Kristi Palmer
Indiana University - Purdue University

Last updated: January 11, 2007

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