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Publisher University of Wisconsin-Madison General Library System and the State Historical Society of Wisconsin 
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Date Searched January 2007


The Wisconsin Electronic Reader (WER) is a cooperative project of the University of Wisconsin-Madison General Library System and the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. The goal of the project was to digitize significant primary sources from and about Wisconsin. This archive includes both text, in the form of stories, essays, letters, poems, journals, etc., and a large collection of images ranging from notable persons to places of significance in Wisconsin history. The main menu ranks subjects by date, from A Canoe Voyage Up the Minnay Sotor (1835) to Sifting and Winnowing (1949).

Women's Studies Content

Women’s studies content is excellent and is comprised of images of women and writings by women on subjects such as education, health, "Indians," and religion. Wisconsin Authors and Their Works (1918) includes excerpts from works by three female authors along with images of these women. The section How Wisconsin Women Won the Ballot (1921) centers on a report by Theodora Youmans, historian and president of the Wisconsin Women's Suffrage Association. Sketches of Wisconsin Pioneer Women (1924) includes letters, poems, images, and biographical sketches by and about women of Wisconsin.


The Reader has a basic search capacity but offers no tips for use. Searching is limited to single keyword or exact phrase searches. Boolean operators and wildcards are not recognized. For example: “women suffrage” yields three results; “women’s suffrage" yields 10 results; “women and suffrage” yields zero results.

Truncation yes (*)
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