Community Blogs

This new section of the site features blogs from UA students who are currently studying in Japan. They have agreed to share their experiences with everyone here, so that students who have never visted Japan before can get an idea of what life is like in another country. Please click on the name when you need a link to a blog.

Weston Odom

Weston is a third year student at the University of Alabama. He is currently in Japan studying at Chiba University. If you have met him before, he is probably the most interesting person you know. In fact, he is fundamentally cool. On a more serious note, Weston started his blog before he went to Japan, and all of his content will not be exclusively Japan-related. Still, he is a good writer, and everyone should enjoy reading his work, and leave comments when possible.

Jessica Pruitt

Jessica is a fourth-year student currently on exchange at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto. She has ten months to successfully take over Japan one karaoke bar at a time. Will she prove victorious in this undertaking? Or in the end will she just get Nippwnd? Follow along with this exciting tale of adventure and romance and find out! Let's being happy enjoy time for everyones together always. (Note: does not follow regular programming due to ample amounts of procrastination.)