What are Lobulomycetalean Chytrids?

Current systematic synthesis of the order Lobulomycetales:

The Order Lobulomycetales includes four genera and five species:

Lobulomycetaceae D.R. Simmons
Lobulomyces angularis (Longcore) D.R. Simmons
Lobulomyces poculatus (Willoughby & Townley) D.R. Simmons
Clydaea vesicula D.R. Simmons
Maunachytrium keaense D.R. Simmons

Alogomycetaceae Doweld
Alogomyces tanneri D.R. Simmons & P.M. Letcher

Lobulomycetalean Chytrids are Found in Diverse Habitats:

Lobulomycetalean chytrids are common in the soil and have been found in horse dung (Alogomyces tanneri).