Pre-Law Students Association


Pre-Law Students Association Office And Club Advisor Information

Pre Law Students Association

Box 870268 / 200 Clark Hall

University Of Alabama

Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35487

Faculty Advisor: Joseph Smith

Phone: (205) 348-3806

Fax Number: (205) 348-5248


Office: 334 Ten Hoor Hall

Box Number: Box 870213

Academic Advisor: Wendy K. McMillian

Phone: (205) 348-7324

Fax Number: (205) 348-6340


Office: 105 Wilson Hall

Box Number: Box 870268

Mock Trial Advisor: Quanda W. Stevenson

Phone: (205) 348-7795


Office: 436 Farrah Hall

Appointments to meet with the President, an Advisor, or any other officer can be made by contacting them personally or buy e-mailing the PLSA Office.