Pre-Law Students Association

Academic Year 2008-2009


The University of Alabama Pre-Law Students Association is an organization dedicated to providing students interested in attending law school and pursuing a legal career the opportunity to:

  1. A.Interact with other students with the same interests through many activities.

  2. B.Adequately prepare for entrance into, and successful performance in law school. We have a prepared curriculum outline with recommended courses. We also offer a mock LSAT.

  3. C.Educate themselves as to current legal issues and topics. At every meeting we have a speaker that will address a variety of issues. We also host a mock trial event in which Pre-Law Societies from around the Southeast compete.

  4. D.Decide what field of law they want to practice, whether or not a legal career is really for them, and which law school is best for them. We attend financial aid seminars, purchase LSAT review materials, and brush up on their knowledge of the law school experience. Several of our speakers discuss getting into law school, different fields of law, and what law school and the legal career is like.

As you can see, the PLSA is clearly for you if you are interested in attending law school and doing well there!

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