Comments on the Photographs

Most of the photographs were taken with a Nikon 6006 35mm camera. The Track Meet 1 sequence and most of the Track Meet 3 sequence were taken in indoor locations, while the rest were taken outdoors in mostly full sunlight. UCM Nos. 901-908 were taken outdoors during a cloudy transition period, and the pictures show some shadowing as a result. UCM Nos. 564-566 show defects connected with the development process.

Almost all the pictures show a scaled ruler with 1cm subdivisions. In most cases, the ruler was at the same distance from the camera and should give a reliable scale. However, for some Track Meet 1 photos (UCM Nos. 1-204), the ruler was placed off the rock in an unobtrusive location, and hence at a slightly different distance from the camera. In these cases, and also in a few other cases where the ruler was out of the camera field, the UCM label itself can be used as an indicator of scale. These labels are in all cases standard (1-inch)x(2 and 5/8-inch) address labels.

A significant number of newer images were taken with digital cameras, specifically UCM Nos. 602-656, 1558-1649, 1662-1723, and 1735-1949. The Nikon camera will be phased out in favor of such imaging in the future.

Updated: 19 November 2003