Ancestors By Town and Cemetery

Names: Boykin, Bryant, DeLacy, Johnson, Porter, Snellgrove, Tucker, in Russell County, Alabama.


Porter Cemetery, Seale, Russell County, Alabama

Directions: Take a right off 431 South (from Columbus, GA) before driving into Seale town limits (turn before Yuchi Reservation). This is State Highway 169 North. Go about 2 miles and look for a dirt road on the right, the Porter Road. The Porter Cemetery is 2/10ths of a mile down this road on a slight rise on the left.

The graveyard is surrounded by a wrought-iron fence and the ground completely covered in white gravel, which I guess helps with the upkeep. The headstones are at a diagonal to the rectangle of the fence. Are all the graves with heads toward the west? The following is not a complete listing of everyone buried in the Porter Cemetery, nor is it in any order. It's all the headstones I took photos of. Next trip I'll be more thorough. This is MOST of the people, my ancestors, mostly Porters and Snellgroves, and the headstones are recorded here exactly as they appear.

Porter Cemetery in Russell County, Alabama. Photo by Rachel Dobson

Eveline P. (Hogan) Porter
June 4 1818
March 17, 1885
L. B. Porter
March 4, 1818
July 4, 1987
E. P. Tucker
Oct. 14, 1848
Jan. 2, 1932
W. A. L. Tucker
March 12, 1845
June 17, 1911
Bettie Porter
Sept. 28, 1846
Aug. 23, 1923

Seale Cemetery (not sure of name), Seale, Russell County, AL

This cemetery is behind the Seale Methodist Church (my apologies if I have the name wrong - I know I have the denomination right. It is a medium-sized cemetery with lots of distant relatives. I have listed just a few.

My grandfather, William Clifford Tucker, Sr., grew up in this town and his father and grandfather are buried here. W.A.L. Tucker in the Porter Cemetery and William Henry Tucker here.

As I have misplaced my photo of W.H. Tucker's headstone, I have only put his name and dates. If there is a ? beside something, it's because I can't read it in the photo. The last stone, T. Tucker, I don't know how he is related to my Tuckers yet.

Seale County Courthouse - former county seat of Russell County and the largest courthouse in Alabama. photo by Rachel Dobson

Frances Boykin Tucker
March 21, 1872
June 5, 1933
William Henry Tucker
Sept. 30, 1868
Feb. 24, 1927
Athalia A. Johnson
wife of
Jas. W. Boykin
July 19, 1839
Sept. 2, 1897
In life she exhibited all
the graces of a Christian. I
n death her redeemed spirit
returned to God who gave it.
Jas. W. Boykin
Apr. 17, 1838
Dec. 7, 1909
As a husband, devoted,
As a father, affectionate,
As a citizen and friend,
upright and just, ever
kind and true.
Sallie (B?) DeLacy
wife of Samuel R. Boykin
Nov. 23 (?) 1872
Sept. 8, 1900
Luke Hudson Boykin
Sept. 24, 1878
Aug. 28, 1930
Anna Calhoun Martin
wife of
Jarvis Gipson Boykin
October 25, 1875
June 9, 1974

J. G. Boykin
February 29, 1868
September 9, 1900
Interred at Forrest
Cemetery, Gadsden, Alabama
T. Tucker
C. S. A.
Erected by
Jas. Cantey Chapter
No. 548 U. D. C.

Riverdale Cemetery, Columbus, Muscogee County, Georgia

Eleanor B. Snellgrove
Mar. 19, 1864
Feb. 18, 1936

Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow

William Anderson
Aug. 26, 1907
Oct. 31, 1980
The Lord is my shepherd...Psalm 23:1

Gertrude Bryant
Wife of
W. A. Martin
Jan. 1, 1907
Nov. 15, 1944
Blessed Jesus hold my hand.