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This package contains both C and Fortran compilers for use with the Windows operating system. Make is also included. I highly recommend it. Installation is easy.

Octave for UNIX/Linux
This version of Octave, a MATLAB clone, must be run on a UNIX/Linux station. This link will take you to the site where you can download a version for UNIX/Linux.

Octave for Windows
This version of Octave, a MATLAB clone, is for Windows. Download the octave-forge.exe file and execute it from your file manager. This will install Octave and GNUPlot in the directory of your choice, and place a shortcut on your desktop. Installation includes the Octave manual. This is a very easy installation, and easy to use since the manual is only a "click away." NOTE: the location of Octave is in a state of change, and these links may be incorrect. You can also try or If you are a real do-it-yourselfer, then you can go to this site for more detailed information on how to download the source code and compile it yourself. This option requires that you have already installed Cygnus tools. NOTE: when I installed the Octave "Matlinks" version, my Cygnus tools quit working. This bug has been reported. Until then, if you only want Octave, use the painless Windows installation of Matlinks.

Cygnus Tools
If you only want Cygwin, you can download that only. This will allow you to learn some UNIX/Linux commands without having to commit completely to UNIX. I HIGHLY recommend that you get somewhat familiar with UNIX before you enter the engineering workforce.

This is a self extracting Microsoft Excel file that will help you create a scale model of the solar system, including distances from the sun to the planets as well as their appropriate sizes. You input the length of 1 astronomical unit (1 A.U.) for your model and the spreadsheet tells you the sizes of the orbits and the sizes of the planets. Download this package onto your computer and then either double-click its icon in FileManager or run it from a DOS window. This SELF EXTRACTING FILE will uncompress itself into the same directory where SSPLAY.EXE is stored.

Objects in Motion
This is the book that we use in AE120: Aerospace Science for Educators, during the unit on aircraft flight and spacecraft motion. This text contains an introduction to Newton's Laws, exercises in the definitions of density, pressure, temperature, and their relation to the ideal gas law, classroom activities for aircraft flight, and several exercises on planetary motion and spacecraft motion.

Adobe Acrobat Reader
Program used to read any PDF files that you download from this site.

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