Professor Russell Timkovich
Department of Chemistry
University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0336

NMR-Determined Solution Structure of Nitrosomonas europae cytochrome c-551

Compound 800, A Putative Intermediate in the Biosynthetic Pathway to Heme d1.

Course Information

  • CH 104 Introductory Chemistry
  •     Summer Session
  •     Fall Session
  • CH 105 Introductory Organic Chemistry
  •     Summer Session
  •     Spring Session
  • CH 341 Physical Chemistry I/CH 540 Intro to Graduate Physical Chemistry
  • CH 342 Physical Chemistry II
  • CH 461/561 Biochemistry I
  • CH 462/562 Biochemistry II
  • CH340 Elementary Physical Chemistry
  • CH102 General Chemistry II

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Updated 8/11/16

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