Recent Programs

67th Annual Meeting in Memphis, TN, 2015

66th Annual Meeting in Decatur, GA, 2014

65th Annual Meeting in St. Petersburg, FL, 2013

64th Annual Meeting in Birmingham, AL, 2012

63rd Annual Meeting in Decatur, GA, 2011

62nd Annual Meeting in Huntsville, 2010

61st Annual Meeting in Auburn, 2009

60th Annual Meeting in Baton Rouge, 2008

59th Annual Meeting in Birmingham, 2007

58th Annual Meeting in Decatur, 2006

57th Annual Meeting in Orlando, 2005

56th Annual Meeting in Tuscaloosa, 2004

55th Annual Meeting in St. Petersburg, 2003

54th Annual Meeting in Atlanta, 2002




The 67th annual meeting was held in Memphis, TN,  February 6-7, 2015. SEPES gratefully acknowledges support by University of Memphis and Georgia State University.

The 68th annual meeting will be held in Asheville, NC,  February 5-6, 2016.



The call for papers for the yearly conference typically comes out in late September. Submissions are peer-reviewed,

and authors are notified in late November or early December of the acceptance or rejection of their submission.


The call for papers will automatically be sent via e-mail to all present members of SEPES. The call will be posted here

for anyone else interested in participating at our next conference. Please send a note to the Secretary if you would like

to be added to our e-mailing list.


SEPES has a long tradition of providing a friendly forum for dialogue and the exchange of philosophical ideas related to

a broad variety of educational topics.  Topics for submissions might include, but are not limited to, the role of philosophy

in clarifying the relationship of school to society; democracy and education; issues of diversity and commonality in education;

educational policy; school reform; and the integration of theory and practice.