Course Website - LS 534 Health Sciences Librarianship

Steven L. MacCall, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
School of Library and Information Studies
The University of Alabama

Spring 2006

Please note that this is the public web version of a course website that is normally found behind a WebCT firewall. Because of this, you will not find a lot of graphics in this version.

The purpose of this website is to present information concerning LS 534, Health Sciences Librarianship at The University of Alabama School of Library and Information Studies.

This course is a mixture of traditional librarianship topics coupled with an exposure to Library 2.0 technologies in health sciences contexts. Please send feedback to in order to help me maintain the course. Course materials are divided into the following pages:

This course is intended to serve as the first of a two course sequence to educate Health Sciences Librarians for the new century. The second course is Health Sciences Informatics. Additionally, we provide opportunities for internships and directed studies and have placed interns in sites ranging from the CDC Information Center in Atlanta to the two academic health sciences libraries in Alabama (UAB and USA) and a variety of hospital sites.

For an overview of the Alabama philosophy for education in health sciences librarianship, view the following PPT slides (PDF).

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