Professor: Stephen Peles Office: 252-A Moody Music Building

Office phone: 348-1472 Office Hours: by appointment






Materials (bring with you to all classes)


Textbooks: Counterpoint Based on Eighteenth Century Practice, Kent Kennan (hereafter
"Kennan") required

A Practical Approach to Eighteenth-Century Counterpoint, Robert Gauldin optional
but recommended

Other: music paper, note paper, pencils.





The final grade for this course will be determined as follows.


Homework assignments and quizzes: 50%

Midterm exam: 20%

Final exam: 30%


In accordance with University of Alabama grading policy, final letter grades are assigned according to the following scale.

A+ = 97-100 A = 93-96 A- = 90-92

B+ = 87-89 B = 83-86 B- = 80-82

C+ = 77-79 C = 73-76 C- = 70-72

D+ = 67-69 D = 63-66 D- = 60-62

F = 0-59


Course material is presented in three forms: textbook readings, handouts, and lectures. You are responsible for all material, regardless of the medium of presentation. A great deal of course content is presented only through the lectures. It is therefore of utmost importance that you bring note paper and music paper to class and take notes. In the event that you are absent for a lecture, be sure to get the notes for that class from a classmate.




Attendance Policy:


Students will be allowed 5 unexcused absences.


Students will be excused for the following reasons only:

(1) a death in the family

(2) illness accompanied by a doctor's excuse indicating that the student was too ill to attend class

(3) a recognized departmental or university function


One percentage point shall be deducted from the final grade for each unexcused absence in excess of five.


Any student who misses more than 20% of the total number of classes is advised to withdraw from the course. Failure to do so will result in a grade of F.






UNIT I: Introduction; Characteristics of the Single Melodic Line


UNIT II: A Simplified Model of Elementary Tonal Behavior: Species Counterpoint


UNIT III: Harmonic Practice at the End of the Baroque Era


UNIT IV: The Synthesis of Harmony and Counterpoint in the Baroque Era


UNIT V: Motivic Considerations/Introduction to Imitation


UNIT VI: Aspects of Form



*Schedule and assignments are subject to change.