Student learning outcomes. List your learning outcomes; one outcome per row.

Active/collaborative learning activity. List activities (either in class or out) that are related to the learning outcome; if none, record NA. [Active = manipulating something physically or mentally]. The emphasis here is on collaborative activities, which are inherently active. There need not be an assessment of the activity.

Assessment measures – general information. State what you are assessing, how you assessed it (be concrete), and who did the assessment. If you use rubrics, attach a copy.

Assessment measures: Direct. List the assessments that provide performance information regarding the learning outcome. Label each assessment as a, b, c, and so on.  

Assessment measures: Indirect. Record assessments of student opinion related to the activity and/or learning outcome; if none, record NA.

Performance criteria. If you have performance criteria (e.g., 80% of the class will achieve satisfactory status or better on the assessment), state them here.

Results: Data. Present a concise summary of the data from the assessments (direct and indirect). The term data is used loosely to refer to the information gathered from your assessments.

Reflection and Actions to be taken.  Present your comments or conclusions about the data as they relate to the learning outcome. State how you plan to address the discrepancy between the results and the outcomes, if any, or state any changes you plan to make. It is ok to say, “Continue with current outcome and assessments,” but not for every outcome.


Student Learning Outcomes:

Students will be able to…

Active & Collaborative

Learning Activity

Assessment Measures: Direct

Assessment Measures: Indirect (Opinion)

Performance Criteria
(if any)

Results: Data

Reflection and Actions to be Taken