Summary of Course and Instructor Ratings


Notes on interpretation: For Skill and Rapport items in which higher scores are desired, a rating of about 3.7-3.9 means that your students consider you adequate on that behavior, 4.0-4.1 is good, and 4.2 and above is considered very good to excellent. In addition, Difficulty items usually have high variability in responses and means in the middle of the 5-pt. scale. Some items are typically rated lower than others. For example, items #23 and #24 typically receive lower scores than the other items, especially on the initial rating during the semester. From Time 1 to Time 2, items that change .3 or more are considered noteworthy. Smaller changes should not be interpreted.


Instructor: _________________________











1. Explained the material very carefully.



2. Put the material across in an interesting way.



3. Well prepared for class sessions.



4. Enthusiastic about teaching psychology



5. Material presented in a well-organized fashion.



6. Summarized the major points.



7. Used enough examples or illustrations.



8. Lectures were too repetitive of what was in the text.



9. Speech was effective.



10. Spoke too fast.



11. Used activities and materials to get students actively involved.



12. Managed classroom discussions well.



13. Answered studentsí questions thoroughly.



14. The instructor was excellent.












15. Knew if the class was understanding what he/she was saying.



16. Felt free to ask questions and express my ideas.



17. Instructor was helpful when I had difficulties.



18. Instructor was sensitive to studentsí feelings and problems.



19. Seemed concerned that the students learn the material.












20. Course material was too difficult.



21. Exams were too difficult.



22. Grading system was too harsh.












23. Would recommend this course to a friend.



24. Interest in psychology has been increased by this course.