Posting Your PY 101 Syllabus on the OIRA Online Syllabus Managment Site


To create a syllabus on the Office of Intitutional Research & Assessment's (OIRA) site:

Faculty tab
OIRA resources window
Link in window to access OIRA resources
Link to Online syllabus management
Link to Create/edit syllabi for your courses

You will see that there are certain rote sections (like severe weather policy) that are already populated for you. In addition, you can cut-paste sections from a WORD syllabus or from a website into the appropriate section on the online syllabus.

You have until the first day of class to post your syllabus and make modifications to the online syllabus. After that date, your syllabus is considered a contract with students. For that reason, it is wise to include a statement that aspects of the course (especially the schedule) may be changed and that you will notify students of any alterations.