Teaching of Psychology (PY 695)

Course and Instructor Evaluation

Please write an evaluation of the course and instructors. It should not have your name or CWID on it. Place your completed evaluation in the marked envelope in the teaching resource room. Sign the attached sheet to indicate that you submitted your comments. The collected comments will not be read until the course grades are submitted.

There are no restrictions on length or content, but we would appreciate feedback on the following topics.

1. Overall evaluation. Summarize your reaction to the course and my instruction and to Matt's instruction.

2. Individual consultation sessions. Please comment on the value of the individual sessions. Did you find the video recordings and student comments helpful? Was I appropriately supportive? Were my suggestions useful? Was Matt appropriately supportive and were his suggestions helpful?

3. Group meetings. What aspects of the weekly group sessions did you find useful? Was it OK to not hold some weekly meetings in the second half of the semester or would you have preferred to meet every week? Are there changes to the structure of the weekly meetings that you would recommend? Are there additional course topics that would be useful to cover in our weekly meetings or some that should be dropped?

4. Seeking help. Most of you rarely sought help or advice outside of the group meetings and individual consultations sessions. Please explain why. Was it because you felt prepared and did not need assistance? Did you think that we would not welcome your questions or requests for help?

5. Course website. In what ways did you make use of the site? Do you have suggestions that would make it more useful?

6. Readings. Please comment on the usefulness of the Davis textbook. Do any of the assigned articles stand out as particularly interesting or particularly bad?

7. Assignments. How useful were the submitted discussion questions? Comment on the value of writing your teaching philosophy.

8. Is there anything else you wish to tell us that has not been addressed in your earlier comments?

Thanks for your help. We value your comments and will use them to improve the course and our teaching.