Instructions: This information will be used only to provide feedback to the instructor to help improve the quality of teaching. Please indicate your own feelings about the statements listed below. Try to consider each statement separately, rather than letting your overall feelings about the course and instructor determine your answer.


On the accompanying Opscan sheet, mark:


A ††††††† if you Disagree Strongly with the statement

B†††††††† if you Disagree Moderately with the statement

C†††††††† if you neither agree or disagree with the statement

D†††††††† if you Agree Moderately with the statement

E††††††††† if you Agree Strongly with the statement


1. The instructor explained the material very carefully.

2. The instructor put the material across in an interesting way.

3. The instructor was well prepared for class sessions.

4. The instructor was enthusiastic about teaching psychology.

5. The material was presented in a well-organized fashion.


6. The instructor summarized the major points.

7. The instructor used enough examples or illustrations to explain the material.

8. Lectures were too repetitive of what was in the text.

9. The instructorís speech was effective.

10. The instructor spoke too fast.


11. The instructor used activities and materials to get students actively involved in the class.

12. The instructor managed classroom discussions well.

13. The instructor answered studentsí questions thoroughly.

14. The instructor was excellent.


15. The instructor knew if the class was understanding what he/she was saying.

16. The instructor made me feel free to ask questions and express my ideas.

17. The instructor was helpful when I had difficulties.

18. The instructor was sensitive to studentsí feelings and problems.

19. The instructor seemed concerned that the students learn the material.


20. The course material was too difficult.

21. The exams were too difficult.

22. The grading system was too harsh.


23. I would recommend this course to a friend.

24. My interest in psychology has been increased by this course.