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November 11 , 2011

IntroPsych News provides periodic announcements, course updates, and additional teaching resources for introductory psychology instructors at the University of Alabama.

1. Teaching introductory psychology: Tips from ToP: A collection of over 100 articles from the journal, Teaching of Psychology. Articles cover demonstrations and activities, approaches to the course, and technology in teaching. Looks like a gold mine.

2. "Turning off one's moral compass": What was it like to be a participant in the orginal Milgram studies on obedience? Here's a 7-min summary of the studies that includes a recent interview with a participant.

3. Student Opinions of Instruction (SOI): Students may complete an evaluation of your course during the interval of November 18-December 11. The link is on myBama.

4. Introduction to Psychology with discussion sections: This semester I have taught a large-enrollment PY 101 course that has two lectures per week and one recitation. The recitation sections contain 20-25 students and are highly interactive. They are being led by three doctoral students (Ernest Wayde, Lindsey Jacobs, and April Kendrick). At the end of the term, I will be collecting student reactions to the course and comparing them to students taught this semester in a traditionally structured PY 101 course.

5. Psychological science in the news: APS provides a continuous newsfeed on this page as well as other resources.

6. For an additional newsfeed: See the bottom of this page for Psychology headlines from around the world.

7. Importing scantron test scores to eLearning: See the tutorial from the Faculty Resource Center:

8. UA final exam policies:

9. Teaching resources: There are several resources on the Teaching of Psychology course website and I invite you to make use of them. Should you find additional resources that might be helpful to others, please let me know and I will post them. Resources for New Instructors contains information on assisting students and on teaching. The Multimedia Library is a compilation of videos, demos, and websites. You can find these resources by going to the Teaching of Psychology course website ( and clicking on the desired link in the left margin. 

I’m available to help with issues that arise in your course this semester. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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