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February 17, 2011

IntroPsych News provides periodic announcements, course updates, and additional teaching resources for introductory psychology instructors at the University of Alabama.

Mid-term progress grades:
The deadline for posting mid-term grades on myBama is midnight on Wednesday, March 2. To review the grade posting procedures, visit the Registrar's website. Under Midterm Grades click on Grade Reporting Video. Still have questions? – Click on FAQs.

Video: How smart are dogs? This 15-min video that was broadcast recently on Nova Science Now. Among other examples, it shows Chaser at work. She's the border collie who knows over 1000 words.

Teaching resources: ToPIX. ToPIX is the Teaching of Psychology Idea Exchange. It's a wiki sponsored by the Society for the Teaching of Psychology and appears to be a gold mine for resources.

Critical thinking guidelines: Many of you emphasize the development of critical thinking skills in your teaching. Carol Wade developed a set of guidelines for critical thinking in psychology that students often find useful.

Does your GTA need a textbook? I have a few extras that may be borrowed and then returned at the end of the semester.

Video: What happens when climbing stairs becomes novel and even fun? This 2-minute video shows a perfect example of altering the environment to promote healthy behavior.

Additional resources: Remember that there are several resources on the Teaching of Psychology course website. Resources for New Instructors contains information on assisting students and on teaching. The Multimedia Library is a compilation of videos, demos, and websites. You can find these resources by going to the Teaching of Psychology course website ( and clicking on the desired link in the left margin.

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