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September 6 , 2011

IntroPsych News provides periodic announcements, course updates, and additional teaching resources for introductory psychology instructors at the University of Alabama.

1. Questions about majors and careers: Should students ask you for more information, you can refer them to:

Psychology student home page. News, careers, and other resources for psychology majors from the American Psychological Association.

Careers in psychology. Information on possible careers, majoring in psychology, etc.

2. Research requirement: Please encourage your students to set up their research participation account and enroll in studies.

3. Do people have different learning styles? Check out Think you are an auditory or visual learner? Scientists say it's unlikely.

4. Helping students improve: Gurung & McCann's (2011) advice on how to assess a student's study strategies and substitute more effective ones: How should students study? Tips, advice, and pitfalls. Teaching of Psychology.

5. Snakes and puppies: Are humans wired to react automatically to animals? Here are a recent brief report and audio from National Public Radio: Human brain responds to animals, cute or creepy.

6. Importing scantron test scores to eLearning: See the tutorial from the Faculty Resource Center:

7. Deadline for posting mid-semester grades: October 12.

8. Teaching resources: There are several resources on the Teaching of Psychology course website and I invite you to make use of them. Should you find additional resources that might be helpful to others, please let me know and I will post them. Resources for New Instructors contains information on assisting students and on teaching. The Multimedia Library is a compilation of videos, demos, and websites. You can find these resources by going to the Teaching of Psychology course website ( and clicking on the desired link in the left margin. 

I’m available to help with issues that arise in your course this semester. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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