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September 18, 2013

IntroPsych News provides periodic announcements, course updates, and additional teaching resources for introductory psychology instructors at the University of Alabama.

1. Last day to post midterm grades: October 9. Look for an email from UA as the deadline approaches that provides instructions.

2. Brains on Trial. This PBS series hosted by Alan Alda investigates the role of neuroscience in the criminal justice system. The final program airs tonight at 9:00 pm Central on PBS. Here is a link to the series website.

Stats: Enrollment at UA reached a record high 34,852 students this fall. Total enrollment is up 3.7 percent since last year. Students enrolled at UA year are from all 50 states and 77 foreign countries. The freshman class totals 6,478 students, including 1,768 students who had a 4.0 or higher GPA in high school and 1,741 students who scored in the top 5 percent on the ACT. The average ACT score for the class is 26, the highest in UA history.

4. Introductory Psychology Teaching Primer: A Guide for New Teachers of Psych 101. An e-book edited by Afful et al. (2013) and published by the Society for the Teaching of Psychology. Breaks down the course by topic and provides advices on lecture topics, activities, etc.

Do graphic ads motivate smokers to quit? As someone who has studied fear appeals and health for many years, I know how complicated the issue can be. However, given the right circumstances, graphic ads can exert a powerful influence on people. The CDC estimates that a recent anti-smoking campaign resulted in 100,000 people quitting.

6. Checklist for academic misconduct cases. Hopefully you won't need this, but here is a coversheet that lists all information to be submitted to A & S Dean's Office for cases of suspected academic misconduct.

7. So you landed a job – What’s next?Advice for early career psychologists from early career psychologists. An e-book edited by Keeley et al. (2013) and published by the Society for the Teaching of Psychology.

8. Lifestyle and mental health. Walsh's (2011) article in the American Psychologist outlines the evidence for the link between several lifestyle factors and health. The article should be useful in creating lectures or written assignments in health psychology.

9. Last day for students to drop a course with a grade of W: October 30.

10. Selected multimedia resources for upcoming chapters:


Watch him roll! Baby Edward's amazing brain (2:40). Article and video on brain development in infants.

When did girls start wearing pink?. Interesting article on the history of pink and blue color choices. See also the photo gallery.

Seasons of Life. A 5-part video series (60 min episodes) covering lifespan developmental psychology.

Digital Nation. PBS investigates the impact of our technology-infused environment on a variety of psychological and educational topics. The program is broken into self-contained segments of about 10 min each. There are also a host of additional interviews and interactive exercises on the website.


Eyewitness memory (13:07). From the television news program, 60 Minutes.

H.M.'s brain and the history of memory (13 min). NPR interview with neuroscientist who worked with H.M. for decades.

Endless memory-Part 1 (13:35). Interviews with several individuals with superior autobiographical memory along with an exploration of the research. Part 2 (12:38) is a continuation. From the television news program, 60 Minutes.


11. Teaching resources: There are several resources on the Teaching of Psychology course website and I invite you to make use of them. Should you find additional resources that might be helpful to others, please let me know and I will post them. Resources for New Instructors contains information on assisting students and on teaching. The Multimedia Library is a compilation of videos, demos, and websites. You can find these resources by going to the Teaching of Psychology course website ( 695%20home%20page%20frameset. htm) and clicking on the desired link in the left margin. 

12. See the IntroPsych News archive for past newsletters.

I’m available to help with issues that arise in your course this semester. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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