Teaching and Research Interests

Steven Prentice-Dunn is a Professor of Psychology who has taught at the University of Alabama since 1981. He has served as the Director of Graduate Studies as well as the Coordinator of the Introductory Psychology Program.

Steve has taught a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses, including social psychology, research methods, statistics, and introductory psychology. For the past 20 years, Steve has offered Teaching of Psychology, a seminar in which advanced doctoral students receive close supervision as they learn teaching techniques and then implement them in their own small PY 101 course. A recent accreditation evaluator called Teaching of Psychology, “a wonderfully developed program that provides a unique learning experience for graduate students while also providing more personalized instruction in introductory psychology.”

Steve’s current undergraduate teaching emphasis is Introduction to Psychology in traditional, honors, and online formats. In 2010, he developed the first online PY 101 course offered at the University, with content being delivered through an e-book and online articles, interactive exercises, video clips, student discussion boards, recorded brief lectures from imminent researchers, and a constantly updated newsfeed of psychology headlines from around the world. In 2011, he created a PY 101 course in which students supplement attendance at large lectures with small interactive classes that involve group discussion, demonstrations, and writing projects.

Steve has been honored to receive the National Alumni Association’s Outstanding Commitment to Teaching Award, the Arts & Sciences Teaching Fellow designation, and the Psychology Chair’s Award for Distinguished Teaching. He has also been named Faculty Member of the Year by the Graduate Student Association and by Psi Chi, the psychology honorary society. He is the former consulting editor for the journal, Teaching of Psychology.

Steve is a social psychologist whose 90 publications focus on health and on teaching. In recent years, he has investigated brief, low-cost interventions to promote preventive health behaviors such as reducing deliberate sun exposure to lower skin cancer risk, complying with dietary guidelines following gastric bypass surgery, and increasing breast cancer awareness among young adults. He has also written articles on training graduate students to teach and on consultation with new instructors. Steve has been designated as a Fellow of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology.

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