Course Contract for Introduction to Psychology

Instructions: Please read the course website and ask questions about anything that is unclear. Initial each statement below, then sign and submit a hard copy of this form by August 31. You will earn 1% toward your course grade.

__________I have read the course website and now understand the structure of the course and my requirements, including readings, exams, and written assignments.

__________I understand that some course content will not be covered in class, yet I am still responsible for learning it.

__________I have read and understand the expectations for professional behavior, including in-class conduct and e-mail guidelines. I agree to follow these rules and understand that my course grade may be lowered for repeated violations.

__________I understand that answering a phone, texting, or any other use of a digital device during class is inappropriate. Leaving the class to use a phone is also inappropriate.

__________I may not use a laptop or tablet in class unless it is first cleared with the instructor.

__________I understand that I am expected to stay for the entire class session, unless I have the prior permission of the instructor.

__________I understand that some assignments will be submitted as email attachments and that it is my responsibility to confirm that emails and attachments have been received by the instructor. Lost emails, lost attachments, and failures to attach an assignments are not valid excuses for missing a deadline.

__________I understand that I must bring a pencil to each exam and that I may be asked to show a photo ID. I will not be able to leave the room during the exam and then return.

__________I understand that make-up exams will require extensive documentation. I also understand that common illnesses and prior travel arrangements are not legitimate reasons for missing an exam. Approved make-up exams will be given during the final exam period.

__________I understand that failure to complete the research requirement will lower my course grade by one letter.

__________I understand that my course grade may be lowered for repeated violations of course policies regarding professional behavior.

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