*     AES, SEM and SAM


A diagram of the AES/SAM/SEM instrumentation of Axis 165 is shown below. The sub-micron electron source is used to obtain a magnified image of the sample by scanning the beam across its surface. Secondary electrons generated by the interaction of this beam with the sample are detected by the scintillator-photomultiplier detector (SED), amplified and routed through a framestore allowing a processed or raw image to be displayed on a monitor. Similarly, Auger electrons produced by the action of the scanning electron beam can be energy analyzed, and a selected energy used to modulate a display, producing an element map of the sample.








Below is an SEM image of a fracture surface of a turbine blade. An AES spectrum (shown as a derivative plot) is easily obtained in the mapped area.




A map of the Si KLL Auger line for the SiO2 pattern on an integrated circuit is shown below. Multipoint AES analysis from the map reveals the chemical shift information in the oxide and elemental states of Si.






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