Michael Banish, Director
         Tricampus Materials
         Science Program

       Pieter B. Visscher
         Campus Director, UA

       Gregg J. Janowski
         Campus Director, UAB

      James K. Baird
         Campus Director, UAH




This page contains application information and links for three campuses of The University of Alabama: Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, and Huntsville.

The University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa):

Students who apply to the Tricampus Materials Science (3CMS) PhD Program at the U of A are often unsure whether to apply to a specific department (such as Physics, Chemistry, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Chemical Engineering, or Electrical Engineering) or to the 3CMS PhD program.  It is not necessary to apply to both -- applications to the 3CMS PhD Program are shared with the home department (if one is indicated in the application) so the student will be considered for teaching and research assistantships in the home department at the same time that he or she is considered for admission and/or research assistantship in the 3CMS PhD Program. 

Students can apply online to either the 3CMS PhD Program or to an individual department.  Alternatively, you may write to:
Materials Science PhD Program
University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa AL 35487-0209
or send email

The University of Alabama at Birmingham:


The University of Alabama in Huntsville:

Materials Science Program
Huntsville AL 35899